Advising On Very Dry and Eczema-prone Skin

Pharmacist can play a key role in helping customers with very dry and eczema prone, skin to keep their skin healthy and comfortable.

How confident do you feel to give advice and recommend appropriate products?

Let’s imagine a patient asks, if you can recommend something for very dry skin on her arms and legs, they’ve been using usual body lotion, which isn’t making any difference.

You ask them if you can have a closer look; it looks very dry and they tell you; it feels itchy. They say to have occasional eczema flare-ups.

What would you recommend?

The patient has found in this kind of situation, body lotion, doesn’t offer sufficient relief.

Emollients form the basis of dry skin management, including eczema as well as moisturizing the skin. They form a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss and keep allergens and irritants out.

A pharmacist could suggest any cream formulated with a Prebiotic triple oat complex and ceramide to soothe and protect very dry. Itchy skin. It also strengthens the Skins moisture barrier and helps to improve its natural microbiome.

It is clinically proven to moisturize and soothe the skin for immediate comfort.

In a study, 90 percent of customers experienced relief from itchy skin, you should advise the patient to apply the product generously and regularly, ideally at least, three or four times a day.

Using a regular shower gel. Can further dry out the skin.

Suggest the patients to try a body wash designed to gently cleanse without drying. Advise them to use this alongside an emollient body cream for healthy looking skin from day one.

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